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Concentrated cleaners and disinfectants

Concentrated detergent cleaners for surface preparation. Multipurpose cleaners to clean lime and saltpeter efflorescence (hygroscopic salts), to clean mold damage, verdigris, algae and microorganisms, to clean and remove biofilm matrix, grease, pollution, burnt, pollution, environmental and industrial dirt, to clean metal alloys such as aluminum and galvanized, to clean and remove rust and passivate metals, clean wood and clean mineral surfaces. Cleaners for the food industry, industry in general, restoration of facades and heritage, workshops, tourist facilities, for cleaning floors and pavements, walls, ceilings, tanks and silos, for cleaning stone, concrete and derivatives, mortars, prefabricated, etc.

Paint, varnish and lacquer strippers - Graffiti cleaners

Choose the universal paint stripper, or graffiti and graffiti cleaner, most suitable for each situation. Universal strippers in gel for stripping and removing all types of paints, lacquers, enamels, primers, varnishes and coatings. Universal paint strippers for 1 and 2 component paints, for stripping facades, polyurethanes, epoxy and antifoulings, stripping of boat and ship (nautical) structures, stripping of furniture and varnished or lacquered wood, stripping of metal. Graffiti cleaners to clean, remove and erase graffiti, graffiti and their shadows, on facades, stone, granite, marble, concrete, brick, mortars, traffic signs, lacquered surfaces... . Pioneers in the EU (30 years) in strippers free of formaldehyde, chlorinated hydrocarbons and dichloromethane, pH neutral, rinsed with water.

Primers - Consolidating agents - Additives - Protectors

Water or solvent based anti-rust primers, epoxy or miscellaneous anti-corrosive primers to protect metal surfaces against rust. Universal anti-rust adhesive primers for metals, iron, steel, galvanized, aluminum, copper. Nano dispersion primers and waterborne epoxy primers for preparation, surface fixation or stain isolation. Mineralizing binders and mineral additives to potassium silicate, lithium silicate and ethyl silicate, modified with nanostructures. Remember that for the good application of a surface treatment or paint, it is essential to take into account its previous preparation to solve or prevent flaking, corrosion and adhesion problems, stains, irregular absorption, lack of waterproofing, lack of consistency, etc.

Water repellents and oil repellents - Anti-graffiti protectors

Water repellency and breathable oil-repellency without skin are basic for the protection of mineral bases. Water-repellent and oil-repellent-retardant or anti-graffiti impregnations, with nano silanes, siloxanes and fluorinated compounds C-6 and C-8, free of PFOA and PFOS, colorless-invisible mainly in water. Concentrated water-repellent and oil-repellent treatments for water-repellent facades and walls, for water-repellent floors and pavements, water-repellent mortars and micro-mortars, microcements and stuccos, water-repellent stones and concrete, water-repellent single-layer and lime mortars, either as a water-repellent primer or as a final water-repellent finish. Water repellents and oil repellents for application on site and for application on prefabricated products at industrial level. Permanent or renewable anti-graffiti protection system.

Elite mortars and micro-mortars - Multifunctional fillers

Elite mortars and micro-mortars, hydraulic cement and lime mortars, micro-cement mortars, plastering mortars, thixotropic light mortars and structural repair mortars R. Mortars for the restoration of facades and heritage, smoothing mortars, restitution mortars, thixotropic mortars for professional theming and high decoration, functional waterproofing mortars to solve dampness and other pathologies, on facades, walls, ceilings, in immersion, swimming pools, aquariums, thin or thick layer self-leveling mortars for floors and pavements. The combination with Fakolith additives, allows us to offer, with a reduced range, multiple solutions of repair or creation. They are complemented with special multifunctional fillers for repairing small areas of high or low thickness.

Silicate mineral paints and glazes - Paints for interiors and facades with humidity and mildew - Lasures for wood

Fakolith is a leading specialist in silicate mineral paints and glazes for facades, mineral surfaces, pavements and also for interiors. Silicate mineral paints and glazes with a wide variety of translucent, semi-covering and covering finishes, pigmentable with Mixol oxides and available in a wide variety of oxide colors from our color chart, or from the mineral color chart of your choice. Anti-humidity paint system with BioFilmStop technology for the prevention and renovation of facades and interiors of dwellings affected by humidity and mold, verdigris, bacteria, biofilm, etc. Universal protective wood stain for the protection of wood available in the most common wood tones.

Food contact paints and varnishes

Fakolith FoodGrade paints and varnishes are coatings widely tested and certified for direct, indirect and occasional contact with food, beverages and drinking water, according to European regulation EU 10/2011, and/or American regulation FDA 21 CFR 175.300, and with all its subsequent modifications. Our FoodGrade paints and varnishes have the obligatory Declaration of Conformity (Compliance Declaration), and are suitable and indicated for painting, coating, renovating and protecting surfaces such as food and beverage silos, tanks, pipes, fish farms, transport elements, printed food packaging, shells and barks, as well as walls, ceilings, flooring, sandwich panel, cold stores, clean rooms, and installations and objects in general in all sectors of the food industry. In addition, the entire FoodGrade range is treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology, specifically approved for food contact, and effective against bacteria and biofilm, and also coronavirus.

Hygienic paints and varnishes BioFilmStop

Our hygienic paints and hygienic varnishes are technical and functional coatings widely certified for sectors where prevention and hygiene are a priority, such as the food industry, healthcare sectors, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, and cosmetics. It stands out its high physical-chemical resistance, to high humidity and its consequences, to the action of cleaners and disinfectants, especially in technical and industrial environments. Fakolith hygienic varnishes and paints are tested and treated with the innovative antimicrobial technology BioFilmStop (BPR Art.3) highly effective against fungi (mold), bacteria and biofilm and other pathogenic microorganisms such as Coronavirus. This range is suitable for painting, coating, renovating and protecting mainly walls, ceilings, flooring, sandwich panel, clean rooms and food industry areas.

MIXOL Universal Dye - Universal Pigment - Universal Colorant

Europe's best-selling concentrated universal coloring pigment dye with the widest range of colors. Mixol can be used to pigment and color almost all types of paints, lasures, lacquers, varnishes, 1 and 2 component coatings, putties, mortars, micro-mortars, microcements, polyester, and many others. Mixol is easy to homogenize and is the most concentrated pigment paste on the market. Mixol has a range of 33 base colors, plus 3 metallic colors, Gold, Silver, Copper, all combinable with each other. Special mention to the MIxol Oxide colors, which have the best resistance and compatibility technically possible. German technology with more than 50 years of history and innovation. PUT COLOR IN YOUR LIFE WITH MIXOL!

Application in systems

Restoration, Protection and Finishing Systems for Façades, Heritage Work and Civil Engineering

FAKOLITH has developed a basic range of special paints and products, which comply with the maximum necessary requirements, in the rehabilitation of facades and buildings, and in the protection of new surfaces. A wide range of products for their application in indoors walls and ceilings, in facades, for the waterproofing of roofs, and the protection of pavements, including special cleaners and stripping agents, multipurpose additives and protecting treatments, special plasters and mortars, hydrophobing agents, dispersions paints, silicate paints and lasures, hybrid paints, oxide pigments...

Paint, varnish, lacquer and coating strippers ... Cleaning and anti-graffiti protection

With macs® dichloromethane-free universal paint stripping systems, you can strip many layers of paint, varnish, lacquers and 1 and 2-component coatings at the same time, minimizing health and environmental risks. For stripping facade paints, stripping industrial epoxy or polyurethane paints, as well as stripping antifoulings without affecting the gel-coat in the nautical and naval sector, etc. The macs® range also offers the most complete cleaning and anti-graffiti protection system for cleaning and removing graffiti and graffiti from mineral bases, street furniture, delicate surfaces, etc. macs® also offers permanent, semi-permanent or renewable anti-graffiti protection systems to protect mineral, painted or synthetic surfaces against graffiti and graffiti.

Elite Professional Theming and High End Decoration Technology Systems

System that allow you, using multipurpose mortar, to obtain natural reproductions of stone, rock, waterfalls, brick, face brick, flagstones, terra-cota, wood, metals, sculptures along with a wide range of different kinds of artistic applications. A system that includes all the necessary compatible products, from start to finish, and all from the same supplier, in a tested and patented system that affords safety, top quality and overall savings for theming professional, painters/decorators, technicians, artists, etc., at tourist installations, theme and aquatic parks, swimming pools, spas, hotels, resorts, pubs, discotheques, zoos, aquariums, reptile houses, plus a long etc.

Technical paint systems for food industry

Fakolith develops and manufactures certified food contact and hygienic varnishes and paints with a Declaration of Conformity, with EU Sanitary Registration ES-39.005259/T and under HACCP. We work together with technological centers like the National Centre for Food Safety and Technology, and Aimplás, in Official R+D+i Projects developing innovative high value coating systems for the food industry and healthcare sectors. Paint systems suitable for direct contact with food and beverages, under EU 10/2011 and/or FDA CFR 21 175.300 regulations, and hygienic paint systems with high physicochemical and humidity resistance in high stress environments. Both ranges are treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology, effective against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms such as Coronavirus. To renovate and paint tanks, silos, pipes, containers, trailers, walls, ceilings, floors, sandwich panels, refrigerators, various facilities, food packaging, and a long etc.

Health care paints, hospitals, pharma, cosmetical...

Hygienic paints and varnishes are functional coatings widely certified, which among its primary qualities stand out for its high physical-chemical resistance, to moisture and its consequences, to cleaning and disinfection, with low odor, ideal for technical environments of hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories, and public buildings such as schools, nurseries and homes. All our hygienic coatings are treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology (BPR Atr.3 ) tested and highly effective against bacteria, biofilm, fungi, and other pathogenic microorganisms such as coronaviruses (Escherichia Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enteritidis, Pseudomonas aureuginosa, Legionella pnemophila, Coronavirus Feline, Aspergillus brasiliensis , Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus MRSA, etc.). Fakolith Hygienic coatings are also widely used in the food industry.

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Declaration of Conformity/Compliance - Food Contact Materials and Coatings - EU 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300

One of FAKOLITH's major specialties are coatings, varnishes, and paints suitable for direct, indirect, or occasional contact with food, beverages, and drinking water. As an SME intensive in Research and after 10 years of continuous official research projects in the field of coatings for food contact and antimicrobial activity, we can affirm that this is an extremely complex and exciting specialty, and in any case of great importance for the health of consumers.

Given its complexity and relevance, for the food industry, as for the food packaging manufacturer, for the consumer, even for internal and external control, we will try to explain its operation in the simplest possible way, from our specialty in coatings, and through the main document 'The Declaration of Conformity or Compliance Declaration'.

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Approach to Zoonoses and the One Health concept

The global crisis that has produced the Sars-CoV2 that causes the COVID-19 disease, has put again in the limelight one of the biggest threats affecting human health worldwide, zoonoses.

The connection of human health with animal health and the environment is a fact and the One-Health concept is positioned as a necessary global strategy, in which the collaboration of all related activities will be needed; veterinary, biology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, industry and of course, the political class. Next, an approach to the dangers we face and holistic proposals to put in value the Prevention as a fundamental tool.

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Press release from Foodgrade Paint about Regulation EU 2018/213

All Fakolith paints and varnishes suitable for direct and indirect contact with food, comply with the new regulation EU 2018/213, since 2013:

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2018/213 of 12 February 2018 on the use of bisphenol A in varnishes and coatings intended to come into contact with food and amending Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 as regards the use of that substance in plastic food contact materials.

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Foodgrade and Hygienic Fakolith paints, now Clean Rooms certified

Foodgrade and Hygienic paints from Fakolith are already used frequently in clean rooms for a long time.

Now the paints Disperlith FoodGrade and Disperlith Elastic, have too the tests and certifications carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany in accordance with the ISO 846 and VDI 2083 standards:

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